Vancouver Recycles!

Many residents of Vancouver are taking an active stance in recycling to reduce waste.  The focus on the three ‘R’s'(reduce, reuse, recycle) comes with the challenge for the community at large to choose products that last, products made from recycled material. Reconsider to be resourceful (for example, ensure small appliances are recycled, inedible food is composted, etc.). Start a Zero Waste Community Challenge, become a Zero Waste School, reduce garbage at work.  Within Vancouver there are many drop off locations to bring your recyclables instead of tossing them away. Take-back programs provide a safe, convenient, and environmentally sound alternative.

Companies take back their products after consumers are finished with them, for recycling or safe disposal, keeping them out of the garbage and out of the landfills. Metro Vancouver Recycles is a means to find out just where a finished product can be taken. There is even a handy App to make it simpler for you to find a location. Some of the items that can be returned for recycling are:  alkaline (for example, an AA from a flashlight), Lithium primary (wrist watch), Nickel metal hydride (cell phone battery), Nickel Cadmium (cordless tools and phones). Oil, filters and containers and many more items.  British Columbians do an exemplary job of recycling used motor oil (79.3% recovery), oil filters (85.5%) and oil containers (88.3%). Most retailers and gas stations have recycling bins on site. Many also collect antifreeze containers. Even old thermostats can be recycled. Older thermostats, often replaced by programmable ones, contain mercury.

Vancouver, Save the Date!!

Perma-Liner Industries cordially invites you to the annual WWETT show! The Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport Show is happening on February 17th– 20th at the Indiana Convention Center.

Convention Center
100 South Capitol Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46225 U.S.A.

This is the largest annual trade show of its kind, the WWETT Show attracts some 14,000 environmental service professionals and exhibitor personnel from 53 countries. Register now and SAVE.


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