Vancouver’s Sustainability in Landscapes and Infrastructure

Vancouver is leading the way on green building design and construction.  The environmental regulations for new buildings are some of the greenest of any city in North America. Vancouver continues to develop other guidelines, standards, and polices that contribute to further improvements in energy efficiency, including: electric vehicle recharging requirements and guidelines for water wise s for proper sewer drainage.  A sustainable city needs homes, offices, and public facilities that meet high standards for energy and water efficiency and choice of materials. Vancouver’s water wise landscapes guidelines provide ideas for a wide range of landscapes (single family homes, multi-unit residences, commercial properties), to help reduce the use of clean water for irrigation, while maintaining the quality of the urban landscape. Water wise landscapes help to: preserve water quality and availability, create healthy ecological environments and increase plant life, as well as, reduce the urban heat island effect (urban areas are warmer than rural areas).  Another attribute of such a system is the reduction of stress on the local infrastructure.

A sustainable experience:

When pondering places to visit in the beautiful Vancouver area, why not go to the recently renovated Aquarium? The Vancouver Aquarium has been a showcase tourist destination in the heart of Stanley Park for 50 years.  It has undergone several expansions and is now the largest aquarium in Canada, hosting approximately one million visitors annually. The Aquarium continually promotes marine conservation, education and research. To further these initiatives and enhance the visitor experience, other essential updates to mechanical, water filtration and electrical systems were included. These state-of-the-art, energy saving enhancements have been an integral part of the acclaimed conservation efforts. The Vancouver Aquarium is committed to making this infrastructure the most energy efficient.  When preparing for your visit, you’ll be pleased to know the Aquarium is now host to over 50,000 aquatic creatures.


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