New Sustainable Sewage Facility in Vancouver

One of the biggest infrastructure investment British Columbia is set to receive from the federal government is $212 million. This funding is for the purpose of building a new $700 million sewage treatment plant to serve Metro Vancouver’s North Shore. The federal investment is part of the $5 billion set aside in the federal budget’s allocation for green infrastructure. The new sewage treatment plant will occupy a large vacant industrial site near the North Vancouver waterfront. The treatment facility will be enclosed inside a building with a translucent and glazed facade, green roof, and extensive planting along the 1st Street frontage. Landscaping with greenery will front the plant’s facade along 1st Street while a park-like public space on the eastern end of the site fronting Pemberton Avenue will feature an extensive water feature. The new facility will also include public gathering space, education space, and a visible district energy center on the ground level. The new plant is a secondary sewage treatment facility in the region. Metro Vancouver’s principle sewage treatment facility is on Iona Island, north of Vancouver International Airport.

The Lions Gate facility exclusively serves the sewage treatment needs of West Vancouver, City of North Vancouver, District of North Vancouver, and the North Shore’s First Nations communities. Metro Vancouver and many other leading utility providers around the world are converting liquid waste into resources to help pay for some of the financial costs of wastewater treatment. The use of liquid waste as a resource also conserves resources and can displace energy that might be generated by non-renewable fossil fuels.

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